"Take this chance to boost your creativity, get inspired and step forward in your career!"


Special thanks to Patrick Hovan and Thomas Sawyer for taking some of the behind the scenes photos.



" When I heard about the opportunity to learn from Eny was coming to my home town, I couldn't have been more excited. After researching some of her work I was happy to take her course. I was able to get wonderful constructive criticism on my work, and learned so much during a short 3 day period. Eny's eye for detail and execution of the class was just what I needed. I love to learn by doing, so the hands on style was perfect for me. I would highly recommend taking your skills to the next level by taking her workshop. "

Maggie Kleinmann.


I take a lot of make-up and hair classes, but Eny’s class was probably the best I‘ve been to so far. First of all because Eny is a very lovely and nice person and a true great artist. She not only shared her secrets with us, she also showed us many tricks in the most gentle, friendly and easy going way. 

She showed us all of the secret products she uses, products I never heard off and was not distant to tell us what or where to get those products.

I had a great time in Eny's Class and can absolutely recommend it, I still benefit from her class until today. A look I struggled with, I now feel much more confident and mature with.

Thank you so much Eny!



"It was one of the best masterclass I took part of. 

Eny is such a great artist and, on top, such a nice person. I learned a lot and I'm glad, that I had the opportunity to meet her.

There were no unanswered questions and I'm still using my new skills I got there ;)

Can't wait to meet her again."



The Masterclass with Eny was a big pleasure for me. She´s such a big Inspiration. Her trained eye pays attention to every little detail. This transforms her makeup looks into  high level. Hope i´ll attend her next Masterclass soon. 



"The first thing I thought, when I was watching Eny creating and showing us the Looks was “OMG!”  It was not just the Looks she created (which are really gorgeous) it was HOW she created them.

How she used the brushes, how she played with the colors, how she used her fingers and how she study her models face. It was like watching an Artist painting his own Mona Lisa. 

If I have to describe Eny's Masterclass with 2 words it would be “absolutely amazing”. Everything you learn in this Class will help you  focus, to exceed your comfort zone, to see from different angles, to challenge yourself and of course how to use all of what you have learned in your daily work. "



The way Eny works and her techniques are very well trained and professional. She is a very kind person and big inspiration for me.

Personally I think you can learn the most in a small group - this is what Eny's masterclasses are. Eny takes care of every participant individually and pays attention to all details - often it’s the detail which makes the look special and unique. I learnt a lot and I am very grateful I had the possibility to learn from such an amazing artist ! Thank you!