Eny Masterclass


Eny Makeup Masterclass

MAKEUP MASTERCLASS for experienced Makeup Artists who are seeking to expand their skills and to learn how to cross their boundaries. 

Under the guidance of Eny Whitehead you will develop and refine your technical knowledge, boost your creativity and step forward in your career as a makeup artist.

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Eny Makeup Masterclass
This course is a chance to experiment, refine your skills, and find your own signature in the beauty industry. 
— Eny Whitehead

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The Program  



Learn by doing! We believe that putting learning into practice is the best way to progress as a makeup artist.

Students will be able to update their techniques, see how Eny works on set, and become independent in their own work. They will be able to predict what’s to come, capture the looks themselves and translate it to all mediums.” The Journey will take these lucky few make-up artists into the future of Beauty.

Eny Makeup Masterclass I by Eny Whitehead Makeup Artist

Day 1


Day One sees Eny take her students on a journey of discovery that will uncover the secrets of flawless skin. “Very few people master the art of working with skin, but the fact is that without luminous skin you can never have a flawless look.” Eny is famous in the industry for creating glowing, almost transparent skin which, when caught on camera, translates perfectly into a breathtaking look. “It’s very important for my students to learn how to work in three dimensions, because when the camera is flashing everything changes.” 

But that’s not all: They say the eyes are the windows of the soul, and Eny takes this message to the heart. “Smokey eyes are a cornerstone of my work, and I want to teach my students how to work creatively with all different shapes of eyes.” Attendees of this first day will leave with the knowledge of how to improvise - depending on the model - with both creamy and powdery eyeshadows, in order to craft eyes that pierce into the very core of the viewer.


Day 2



Eny Whitehead combines vivid and often unusual colors and textures in her looks all the time. “I spent my childhood in Brazil, and so colors were always part of my life.” says Eny. “That’s why nature has always been a great source of inspiration for me in terms of shapes, forms and colors: especially in birds.” Color is all about making a statement, that’s why Day Two will teach students all about creating the most memorable looks.

It’s rare that we get the chance to work with such strongly contrasting colors in commercial jobs.” Eny aims to challenge the status quo, and help create a new breed of students who make strong colors and textures a key part of their repertoire.


Day 3


Eny Whitehead has been working on shows for over a decade, witnessing the newest and most game-changing looks first hand. Day Three will show Eny harnessing her expertise in trend forecasting, explaining what’s to come in Paris next year, and how to be the first make-up artist to capture the look flawlessly.

“They’ll be training their eye, and that’s something that many people have trouble with. It’s so important, if you want to be successful, to not miss the little details or the similarities between looks in the past that might be at the core of looks in the future. If you want to be one step ahead of the game, it’s crucial that you can create looks that are one step ahead of the game.”

Students will use the skills they’ve learned in Day One and Day Two to recreate some this year’s strongest looks, and learn how to adapt them from the catwalk to editorial, using color and three dimensional shading. 





Hands on practice! Each day you will be working with one model for the demo looks.

Lunch, snacks and beverages will be provided by us and are included in the rate. Students need to bring their complete makeup kit.

Space is very limited, we will be taking a maximum of 7-8 students only to allow a more intimate experience.